Ara’s Tale by Martin Lubich

Film maker Martin Lubich has given permission to members to practice film scoring with his hauntingly beautiful film “Ara’s Tale”.  This unforgettable story appeals to all ages, and is a favorite with audiences. members are hereby given permission to:

  1. Write new scores for this film on their own, or in private or group lessons
  2. Show this film with the new score in a public concert


Ara’s Tale – by Martin Lubich – Tyrol/Austria

An enchanting film, with great opportunities for scoring practice!

Turn down the sound to view. NOTE:  The link below has the entire film with sound effects and no music.

7/4/13:  Martin just posted this version, which is the entire film with sound effects, but no music.  This is the version you should download if you are writing a new score for “Ara’s Tale”:

Aras Tale Sound Effects No Music

7/1/13:  Martin just sent us two wonderful files.  The first is his overview of the story, the atmosphere, the behind-the-scenes background.   The second is an invaluable file that all film composers would find interesting:  a cue sheet that Martin prepared for his sound and music folks, full of insight and suggestions.



Martin Lubich

Ara, from Ara’s Tale