Composition Competitions – Answers to Quiz

Composition Competitions – Answers to Quiz

Here are the answers to the little tongue-in-cheek quiz found in the article Compositions Competitions – Humor and Perspective.

  1.  Composer:  Maurice Ravel (Monsieur R) – French
    Piece:  Bolero
    Comments:  Although Ravel himself was not extremely fond of Bolero, calling it ” a crescendo without music”, it has caught the public fancy and is now one of the most beloved and popular of all classical pieces!

    Ravel Caricature

  2. Composer: John Cage (Johnny) – American
    Piece:  4′ 33″ (Usually pronounced “Four minutes and thirty-three seconds”
    Comments:  This work has influenced a host of composers and continues to fascinate audiences.  In a 1982 interview, and on numerous other occasions, Cage stated that 4′ 33″ was, in his opinion, his most important work.

    John Cage Caricature


  3.  Composer: Igor Stravinsky – Russian
    Piece: Rite of Spring
    Comments: The piece which changed classical music forever, and ushered in the musical 20th century.stravinsky-cartoon
  4.  Composer: György Ligeti (GL) – Hungarian
    Piece: Musica Ricercata I
    Comments: This work captures the essence of Ligeti’s search to construct his own compositional style  ex nihilo, and as such presages many of the more radical directions Ligeti would take in the future.  The entire set consists of 11 pieces, each with a fixed pitch class.  Each movement adds exactly one new pitch class.

    Ligeti Caricature

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