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Isaac Stern and His First Trip to China

ISAAC STERN, VIOLINIST: – Isaac Stern – 2016年8月1日 – August 1, 2016 或许很多人还依稀记得1979年中美两国刚建交不久,著名小提琴大师艾萨克·斯特恩首次访华时的盛景。 Not long after the establishment of Sino-American relations, renowned violinist Isaac Stern paid his first trip to China in 1979. 一部奥斯卡获奖纪录片《从毛泽东到莫扎特》,用充满人性温暖的捕捉,真实地反映了当时中国的音乐文化生活。 That historic visit came to be immortalised in the Oscar-winning documentary From Mao to Mozart, a moving work that captured perfectly […]

China Blues – Zhang Hai’ou

ZHANG HAI’OU, PIANIST: – Zhang Hai’ou – 2016年7月1日 – July 1, 2016 海鸥不仅能自由地翱翔,他也可以优雅地坐在钢琴前奏响美妙的音乐。 Hai’ou, which is seagull in English, can not only fly freely, but can also sit in front of the piano performing elegant music. 张海鸥才华横溢,英俊优雅,是偶像实力兼备的青年钢琴家。 Zhang Hai’ou is a young, talented, and handsome pianist. 最近,张海鸥刚刚结束数月来在德国、法国、意大利等欧洲各国的巡演, Recently, he finished his show tour in Germany, […]

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