Stefaan Himpe is a software engineer with an active interest in music and music theory. In his spare time he loves to compose music, plays some piano and enjoys researching exotic music theory topics and explaining their more exciting parts to a broader audience. In addition to using traditional methods of writing music, he also maintains an active interest in art music created using methods on the border between music and engineering. He's currently taking lessons in experimental music composition with Jasper Vanpaemel.

Music and Geometry 4: 2d Voice Leading Plane & Live Improvisation

Introduction In the first article we introduced the pitch line. The second article examined what happens to the pitch line if you remove all octave information and replace pitch with pitch class. As we found out the pitch line bends into a pitch circle. In the third article we left the one-dimensional spaces of pitch and pitch circle, […]

Music and Geometry 3: Intervals, Counterpoint and Voice Leading

In the first and second article we’ve studied single pitches. This is great for analyzing melodies or scales, but its usefulness is limited when considering multiple pitches sounding simultaneously. In this article we will turn our attention to intervals (2-note chords). Representing intervals A straightforward idea would be to represent intervals as line segments on […]

Music and Geometry 2: Pitch Class Circles and Composing

In the previous article we introduced the concept of pitch and pitch class. We saw how notes could be represented on a pitch line, forming a one-dimensional geometrical space, and how removing octave information caused the line to turn into a circle. The pitch class circle, despite first appearance, is still a one-dimensional space (but […]

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