Bach Suite in F major (BWV 820)

Bach Suite in F major (BWV 820)

The Bach Suite in F major (BWV 820) is an excellent piece for teaching and for learning piano. It can be played as one entire piece, or each movement can be a nice performance piece. The six movements, which were composed around 1705, are listed here:

  1. Prelude
  2. Entrée
  3. Menuet
  4. Trio
  5. Bourrée
  6. Gigue

The score for all six movements can be downloaded and printed from here: Bach Suite in F major BWV 820 – complete score

The entire score is only 5 pages long, and more than one movement can be on a single page, so it’s easiest to download and print the entire Suite.

Bach is a favorite of pianists of all ages and levels. This suite is accessible to some of the early levels of learning, and even the youngest students enjoy playing these pieces. Some students love dressing up in Baroque costumes and even wigs to play music from Bach’s day!

Bach was born in 1685, so he was about 20 years old when he wrote this Suite:

Bach in younger days

As we all know, he later became a master of the musical ideas of his day, and still to this day is considered by most people to be the greatest composer who ever lived. It can be very enjoyable, especially for the younger students, to learn a piece by the #1 composer of all times!


Here’s to Bach!

Entrée – piano performance

Orchestral arrangement of the Overture in F major BWV 820 – interesting for piano students to hear!

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