Big Buck Bunny from the Blender Foundation

Big Buck Bunny from the Blender Foundation

This film was the first project created by the Blender Institute in Amsterdam. Tan Roosendaal has given us permission to use this film in our film score practice. Turn down the sound and imagine your own zany score written to fit this short film created in the style of the great old cartoons.

Big Buck Bunny – Open Movie from the Blender Foundation
By permission from Ton Roosendaal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Big Buck Bunny was the first project in the Blender Institute Amsterdam. This 10 minute movie has been made inspired by the best cartoon tradition. A giant rabbit finds his happy sunny morning walk being disturbed by three rascal rodents. In a comical grand finale he gets even with them.

The plot follows a day of the life of Big Buck Bunny when he meets three bullying rodents, Frank (the leader of the rodents), Rinky and Gimera. The rodents amuse themselves by harassing helpless creatures of the forest by throwing fruits, nuts and rocks at them.

After the deaths of two of Bunny’s favorite butterflies (one by an apple falling on top of it and the other by Frank smashing it with a rock) and an offensive attack on Bunny himself, Bunny sets aside his gentle nature and orchestrates a complex plan to avenge the two butterflies.

Blender is a community effort

Blender is being made by 100s of active volunteers from all around the world; by studios and individual artists, professionals and hobbyists, scientists and students, vfx experts and animators, and so on.

All of them are united by an interest to have access to a fully free/open source 3D creation pipeline. Blender Foundation supports and facilitates these goals – even employs a small staff for that – but fully depends on the online community to achieve this goal.

More help is always welcome!

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