Bike by Vida Vega

Bike by Vida Vega

The shortest film in our short film bank comes in at just 30 seconds! Vida Vega’s award winning “Bike” was written as a commercial for Tempo Tissues, and is warm and whimsical. Turn the sound down and imagine your own score accompanying this brief but delightful film.

Vida Vega’s “Bike” – for Tempo Tissues

Turn down the sound and view!

Many thanks to Vida Vega for allowing us to practice our film composition skills by setting new music to her award-winning commercial.

Here’s a description from Ian Lumsden, United Kingdom, who writes a critical guide to the animated short:

The best television commercials flow organically from the product. Thus the ad for a paper handkerchief, “Tempo – Bike”  won Best 2D commercial at this year’s British Animation Awards. Simple bright music and a clever idea, a straight forward, hand drawn animation on folded paper, held together by an unfolding narrative in which boy distributes the tissues to deserving causes until, you’ve guessed it, he needs one himself. The inked figures echo the blue packets rather fetchingly… Lovely. It brings a tear to the eye. The judging panel got it right. More tears.

Warm and whimsical, "Bike" by Vida Vega is an award-winning animation used as a commercial for tissues

Here’s more about Vida Vega:

“My name is Vida Vega, I am a half Italian/half Chilean mongrel born and bred in London. I am a freelance 2d animator currently making my way into the world via inky “traditional” drawings and characterful humour. I am represented as a director by Tandem in London and have recently worked as a director, character designer and animator on amongst other things, my first commercial for Tempo tissues. I am also lucky enough to have been nominated for the British Animation Awards for both my graduation film and my first commissioned short “mi’au, myau”, and just this March won the Best 2d commercial BAA for Tempo.”

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