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Listening Practice

Creative listening is a learned skill, and should be practiced in the same way musicians practice an instrument.  In this article we will listen to one piece and learn some of the questions we might ask to deepen our creative listening skills. Listen to the piece the first time without knowing anything about it.  You can listen any way […]

The Many Colors of Sofia Gubaidulina

The Many Colors of Sofia Gubaidulina Sofia Gubaidulina (pronounced so-FEE-uh  goo-bye-DOO-lee-nuh) is a contemporary Russian composer who creates a world of swirling colors that excites our imaginations and inspires our creativity. This magical world of shimmering sound is full of the unexpected.  In this first piece, violins and flutes and marimbas create a winding path […]

Samuel Barber, American Composer (1910 – 1981)

Samuel Barber didn’t concern himself with the various arguments of American music:  tonal vs. atonal, Stravinsky vs. Schoenberg, old-guard vs. modern.  He didn’t belong to any particular camp or school.  He just wrote music.   To paraphrase Barber himself, he quietly did his own thing and let others worry about where it all fit. One of […]

Circle of Fifths

The Circle of Fifths is a wonderful tool for beginners in theory as well as for the most advanced composers!  Here are some of the many things you can learn from the Circle of Fifths: Key Signatures Relative minor and major keys Chord Progressions I – IV – V in any key Dominant Substitutions Advanced […]

MTNA Composition Winners 2014 – North Carolina

Congratulations to our great student composers for their wins in the 2014 MTNA Composition Competition for North Carolina.   These awards were announced on October 2, 2014. MTNA, the Music Teachers National Association, sponsors a yearly composition competition in each of the 50 states.  Each state chooses winners and honorable mentions. It is quite an […]

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