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In early March of 2016, issued the first invitation to composers of all ages from around the world to write a new piece in celebration of spring:

Entry Deadline: Midnight EDT Sun 4/24/16
Genre: Classical
Orchestration – Any instrumentation, solo or chamber music in any combination
Max Length: 4 minutes
Theme: Spring
Required: MP3 + Full Score (no parts) 



UPDATE 5/13/16And the short list winners are ….Short List and Judges Results

Update 5/9/16:  Three of our five judges have picked their favorite eight pieces for the short list!  So far, seventeen pieces have received at least one vote, and six pieces have received at least two votes.   The judges report enjoying the music very much, and commend each of you for such excellent work.  We’re all looking forward to the selections of the last two judges, to reach the final determination of our short list.

While you’re waiting to find out how your piece fared in the competition, you might make sure that your MusicWiz profile is complete and full of good information about you.  Once public voting begins, the world at large will begin looking at you and your music!

Update 4/25/16:  The deadline has passed, and thirty-three wonderful composers from all over the world have responded, each celebrating Spring in his/her unique way.  Now the real fun begins!  We all get to listen to this great music, share it, discuss it, vote on it, select winners.

The next step is for our judges to select a shortlist of eight pieces from the list.  This will not be an easy task, considering the high quality of so much of the music.  Mark this milestone on your calendars:  Judges will be selecting the shortlist of eight pieces in the first weeks of May.

Once the eight pieces are selected, public voting will begin.  The public will select the three top winners, and the MusicWiz staff will also make their selections, called the “Staff Pick”.

While we’re waiting for the judges to select the shortlist, we want to congratulate each one of you who entered, and encourage you to listen to each other’s music, share the link with family and friends, post it on your Facebook page or other sites.  This music deserves to be heard by the world!  Here’s the link to post or share:

In the next few weeks we will frequently update this page with the latest news from the judges, comments on some of the pieces, and other information about the contest and the composers.  Stay tuned!