Warm Winter by Xin Li

Warm Winter - by Zin Li

Film maker Xin Li has given permission to MusicWiz.club members to practice film scoring with his warm and lovely film “Warm Winter”.  You should turn the sound down to imagine your own newly written score.

MusicWiz.club members are hereby given permission to:

  1. Write new scores for this film on their own, or in private or group lessons
  2. Show this film with the new score in a public concert
  3. Discuss these films and their new scores in online blogs

Warm Winter – by Xin Li

“Warm Winter”speaks to all of us in a universal language.  Turn down the sound to imagine your own music setting the various moods in this very expressive film.

Here’s a review of “Warm Winter”, written by Ian Lumsden, UK:

“Warm Winter” has a tenderness about it that is most endearing, the sepia images drawn in smudgy lines developed in Photoshop; only the scarlet scarf cuts through the winter and airport gloom. Notice where the scarf ends up – a nice touch.

Xin is a student at Queensland College of Art, part of Griffith University, Queensland, Australia. Xin comes from Harbin in China, moving to Australia as a student in 2007. Warm Winter was made in his second year. He is a fine artist in every sense of the word.

An article about this talented film maker can be here: Xin Li

Meet Xin Li and see some of his art in this video:

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