Helpful hints for MusicWiz composition competitions


All composers who enter a MusicWiz competition will have information stored in two places: the profile and the competition entry.  As time goes by, the same composer may enter many competitions.  His/her MusicWiz profile will stay the same for each competition.  The entry information, however, will be different in each competition.

AboutYou Profile – about YOU

Your MusicWiz profile is the place where people can find you.  If someone hears your music and wants to commission you or contact you, they will search in  It’s best to use your real name and valid contact information for your MusicWiz Profile.   In order to enter any competition, basic items of information are required in this profile:

Location: Our searches are location-based, so you won’t show up in any searches until you enter your location.  We suggest just a city, or possibly street name and city.  Most members do not put in their full address, to maintain privacy.

Avatar (User Profile Picture):  People are more likely to click on a listing that has an appealing picture.  You can use a photograph of yourself, or a music-related picture.

Role(s): Be sure and select at least one Primary Role.  If people are looking for a teacher or composer or piano tuner, your role must match their request to show up in their search.  You can select multiple roles to be included on the appropriate searches.

For help in entering the above information, sign in and click on Quick Start.


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Competition Entry – about YOUR MUSIC

Each competition has its own section, which will remain on the internet forever.  If people want to hear the winning music, or look at your score, they will search in the appropriate competition.  You may give people permission to play your piece, and to download the score from the competition pages.  Performers and audiences go back year after year to hear their favorite pieces, and you get free international recognition!

Each composition entry has three required sections and one optional section:

Entry (Required) – this identifies you as the composer.  All entries use a Google login.  Your Profile picture (avatar) and name will be set by your Google login, but you can change these items.  Many composers like to use a “pen name” or a name relating to the contest for their Profile Name in this section.  You may also use your real name if you like.  Your Google email will link back to your MusicWiz profile.  When the winners are announced, your profile name from MusicWiz will be posted.

Audio (Required) – this is the sound file of your piece.  Use the highest quality possible for the sound.  Most judges can read your scores and “hear” the piece in their heads, but the general public will rely on the sound file to evaluate your piece.  A live recording is best, of course, but a good computer recording can also be satisfactory.  Please try not to use synthetic sounds rather than samples – your piece might be spectacular, but with a “tinny”, mechanical sound you won’t have a chance of winning.

Score (Required) – this is a .pdf file of your handwritten or computer notated score.  This should be performance ready if it’s a piece that can be performed.  Some contests do not require that the piece be able to be performed by human players, but all contests and competitions require a full score, to authenticate the originality of the piece.

Blog (Optional) – this is a description of your piece.  Blogs are not required, but a well-written, informative blog can increase your chances of being heard, of winning and of being contacted for future commissions or performances.

All four items listed above have optional “avatars” or pictures.  A good picture can enhance your piece tremendously and attract more listeners and more fans!  Items with pictures will show up on the front page as Featured items and will increase your visibility.   Some people use the same picture for each item above, to tie them together.  Others like specific pictures related to the piece, to the score or to the topics in the blog.  Be creative!

Here are a few more hints to help you win awards, attract fans and followers, and maintain a strong Web presence with your music:

  • Please enter your correct, current email and check it regularly.  We will be sending you status reports on your entry and any necessary instructions.
  • Please write for your public.  Remember that your entry represents you and your music, and will be shared on the Internet for a very long time.
  • Please create the highest quality sound files.  We want your music to be appreciated!