Lexi by Nina Paley

Lexi - by Nina Paley

Lexi is a wonderful short film by Nina Paley, full of grace and whimsical movement.  The subject of the film is one of Nina’s cats.  This is a great film for film practice because Lexi, like all cats, has many moods.  You’ll enjoy trying your hand at this film!

Thanks to Nina Paley who encouraged our budding film composers and gave us full permission to use her delightful two minute film.

Lexi by Nina Paley

Be sure and turn down the sound and view with full screen, so you will be inspired to write new music for beautiful Lexi!

Many thanks to the amazing Nina Paley, who has given us permission to set her “Lexi” to many different music scores!

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Nina’s cat, Lexi

Nina with another of her cats!

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