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 Richard Montgomery is a composer based in North London, drawing on his passion for a wide variety of popular and niche musical genres to produce original works for film, video games, television and modern compositions of a more esoteric nature.      

Montgomery only started writing music within the last five years at the tender age of 43. He is self-taught, apart from some elementary training in harmony, counterpoint and jazz piano and continues to learn compositional and instrumental techniques. Utilizing notation software, DAWs and sample libraries, he creates realistic mock-ups of orchestral pieces and smaller ensemble works from the rock/pop genre. He holds a university diploma in music history, advanced music theory certification and has recently completed Music For The Media presented by ThinkSpace. Although new to the scene, he hopes to establish himself over the coming years through hard work and an original voice.

                Drawing inspiration from musical sources such as: Stravinsky, Schoenberg, modern jazz, Radiohead and Captain Beefheart, and the film and television music of: Herrmann, Goldsmith, Barry, Schiffrin and Derbyshire, he writes an eclectic, genre-hopping mix of styles on the one hand and on the other, he is equally comfortable writing works of an atonal nature.

                He is currently engaged in writing a non-commissioned, major orchestral work in remembrance of those who lost their lives during the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 and preparing a competition piece for the 2016 Zurich International Film Competition.




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