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I’m a freelance composer working mainly in commercial and production music. I also run my own small studio where I arrange and produce recordings for singer/songwriters.

I have a BA Hons in music from the University of Southampton and have written music in  many styles including Jazz, Rock and Classical.


When it comes to composing  I see my work in two, sometimes overlapping, bodies. Namely, work for media where the music must play a subservient role and is not intended to be listened to purely for its own sake, although it sometimes can be. And music for the concert hall or ‘absolute’ music (including popular songs and jazz) where the music is definitely intended to be listened to for its own sake. In the first category I must be mindful of what is wanted or needed by the client and can’t be too precious about the music. In the second category I can write whatever I feel like writing.


My YouTube channel has demos of software instruments in various styles with some original music and some pastiche.

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