mi-au myau by Vida Vega

mi'au myau - by Vida Vega

Film creator Vida Vega takes a highly creative and fun-filled look at multilingualism in Europe in this one-minute award-winning film. We’re very grateful that she gave us permission to use this little gem in our film scoring practice!

 “mi’au myau” from Vida Vega on Vimeo.

Be sure and turn down the sound before viewing.  It might be fun to give each bird a different musical note/idea/instrument and see what wonderful cacophony might emerge!

 “What’s in a word? a dialect? a language?”

5 birds of different nationalities and one fat cat learn that it’s not how you say it but what you say that counts. An animation commissioned by the European Commission as part of the “languages through lenses” competition to promote multilingualism in Europe.

Film creator Vida Vega describes her creative process:

“As someone who grew up in a mixed family speaking 3 languages I felt that although different cultures and languages can be difficult to adjust to at times, I really wanted to respond to the brief by portraying the positive, fun side of language. My starting point were the brilliant words different languages use to describe the sounds animals make, and the observation that although each language seems to have a different way of describing birdsong, a cat will pretty much always miaow. The EU motto “united in diversity” seems particularly apt – though we are all different, ultimately we are all saying the same thing.”

Direction & Animation: Vida Vega
Original Composer: Owen Davey
Commissioned by: Ute Kohlmann for ELIA and the European Commission

*3rd Prize at the Prix Europa Festival, Berlin, October 2009*
*Nominated for the 2010 British Animation Awards Public Choice Award for best short film and part of the public choice tour in January/February 2010*
*Shortlisted in the 2010 British Animation Awards Student category*

*In competition at Ars Electronica 2011*
*In competition at New York International Children’s Film Festival in March 2011*
*In competition at Canterbury Anifest 9 October 2010*
*Selected to take part in the “Young Animation” competition at the 17th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film in May 2010*
*Screened at the 2010 British Animation Public Choice Awards*

Here’s more about Vida Vega:

“My name is Vida Vega, I am a half Italian/half Chilean mongrel born and bred in London. I am a freelance 2d animator currently making my way into the world via inky “traditional” drawings and characterful humour. I am represented as a director by Tandem in London and have recently worked as a director, character designer and animator on amongst other things, my first commercial for Tempo tissues. I am also lucky enough to have been nominated for the British Animation Awards for both my graduation film and my first commissioned short “mi’au, myau”, and just this March won the Best 2d commercial BAA for Tempo.”

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