Online Composition Competitions – Pros and Cons

Online Composition Competitions - Pros and Cons


Online composition competitions are popular and well-received, but they are not without their challenges!   Here are some of the pros and cons to conducting these competitions online.


  • Newly composed music can reach a world-wide audience quickly and easily.
  • Composers can post an online address to their piece on Facebook or other sites.
  • Composers can send links to their piece to friends and family.
  • Composers receive feedback from a wide variety of listeners.
  • Composers have a platform to meet each other and engage in discussions.
  • Composers are able to see and hear other entries.


  • Duplicate voting is unavoidable. Multiple voting verification only applies to the computer, not the person. Therefore, allowing one vote per machine means families cannot vote individually, nor can computers in public places (libraries, schools, internet cafes) be used for online voting. Allowing one vote per machine can easily be overridden by anyone with good computer skills, so allowing multiple votes per machine gives everyone an equal playing field.
  • Those who listen and give feedback are from a wide spectrum of experience, background and communication skills, and in many cases English is not their native language. Because of these factors, the quality of the feedback can vary widely.
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