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Update 5/31/17 8:05 pm:  And the winners are ….

3rd place:  Rainlessness – Composer: Rae Howell from London
2nd place:  Storm in the Baltic Sea – Composer:  Luiza Iva Straume from Latvia
1st place:   Water Mood – Composer: Nadin Polyakova from Honduras

Finally,  the highest award of Staff Pick goes to …
Fudo Falls – Composer: Nick Hubbell from Vermont, USA

Congratulations to all you fine composers!  We hope all of you have enjoyed creating new music, listening to new music and choosing your favorite pieces from the short list.  It’s always a delight to share this wonderful music with the world.

Thanks to everyone who participated.  Special thanks to the youngest students who listened carefully to each short list piece, discussed them with parents, siblings and teachers, and then made their choice and wrote insightful comments.  What a wonderful way to learn to compose and to practice “active listening”.

Here are the comments from the public voting period:


Update 5/20/17:  Public Voting will continue through May.  The deadline for voting is Wednesday May 31, 2017 at 8 pm.

Update 5/7/17: Public Voting has begun!
Composers are encouraged to post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to discover new music and cast their votes!

Update 5/2/17: Updated Contest Page with Short List

Update 5/1/17: Each of our three judges has finished selecting the 11 pieces they think should be on the short list.  Those pieces that received 2 out of 3 votes are now our official short list, which consists of 8 wonderful pieces:

Fudo Falls

Storm in the Baltic Sea

Tin Roof Rain Ruckus
Water – from Elements
Water Mood

Judges Voting – Final Results

The next step is for our programming staff to prepare the pages and procedures for Public Voting. We’ll let you know when Public Voting begins!

Update 4/16/17:  Our judges are carefully listening to each piece, and report back that they are enjoying the music immensely!  Their goal is to select the 11 short listed pieces by Monday, May 1st. 

Update 4/8/17:  We are very happy to introduce our three judges: David Berlin, Frank Sartain and Sean Mitchell.

David is a well-known composer and educator with more than 40 years experience in working with composers and composition students.  Frank is a recently graduated composition student with many awards and commissions, who is also a teacher.  Sean is a film-maker who works closely with composers, and who is always looking for musical talent!  David and Frank were the winners of our most recent competition, and both amassed a huge following of fans who listened to and commented on their pieces.

Update 4/5/17: The Shortlist size has increased to 11 pieces.

Update 4/4/17:  Judges List contains 42 pieces
Statistics: 60 total pieces were entered
42 qualified and will go to the Judges
10 were longer than the max length of 4 minutes
7 had incomplete MusicWiz.club profiles
1 was entered after the deadline

Congratulations to the 42 composers whose pieces will now go to the next level!

NOTE: Please check your email often.  We will communicate with the winners through the email you used to sign up. 

Update 4/2/17:  The OnTime 2017 Water Competition is Officially Closed!
Statistics: 88 composers signed up, and 59 pieces were posted.

Next Step:  MusicWiz.club staff will verify all entries to make sure they have met the qualifications, and create a list for the Judges.  We will post the number of qualifying pieces as soon as the list is complete.

Upcoming Schedule:

  • Entry Deadline – Sunday April 2, 8 pm EDT.  After this date and time, no more entries will be accepted, and existing entries cannot be changed.
  • Judges Choices – Our three judges listen to all qualifying pieces and make their comments and selections.
  • Short List – The top 11 pieces from the Judges’ selections become the Short List
  • Public Voting – everyone can vote on the Short List.

Qualification is based on the following criteria:

  • Piece is not more than 4 minutes long, not counting applause
  • Composer has completed his/her MusicWiz Profile basics:  Location, Avatar, and Role.  Quick Start
  • Composer has posted audio and score in the competition entry section: OnTime 2017 Water

Good luck to everyone!


We invite composers of all ages from around the world to write a new piece exploring “Water” as a theme.  Many composers, from Handel in 1717 to Debussy in 1905 to 2014 Pulitzer Prize winner John Luther Adams, have become known for their exquisite musical depictions of water in its many forms – now it’s your turn!

Entry Deadline: 8 pm EDT Sun 4/2/17
Genre: Classical
Orchestration – Any instruments: solo or chamber music in any combination
Max Length: 4 minutes
Theme: Water
Required: MP3 + Full Score (no parts) and Complete MusicWiz.club Profile

It’s easy to enter:

First prize – Public Voting: $50 plus listing in the winners’ box
Second prize – Public Voting: $25 plus listing in the winners’ box
Third prize – Public Voting: Listing in the winners’ box
Staff Pick: $75 plus listing in the winner’s box

BONUS – CONSIDERATION FOR PERFORMANCE: Reviewers will include professional performers, who may choose one of your pieces for performance.  Please write pieces that real people can play on real instruments!

There are three ways to win in this contest:

Public VotingYour music may win first, second or third place in the online Public Voting segment.  Today’s composers are learning to promote and share their music by posting invitations to listen and vote on their Facebook or other Social Media.  We applaud your efforts to make high-quality classical music accessible to everyone!

Your music may win the coveted Staff Pick.  Our staff of musicians, teachers, performers and composers will pick their favorite from among all the entries.


If you write chamber music for five instruments or less, your piece might be selected for performance!  You’ll have more chance of being selected if you choose traditional instruments.


Again, here’s how to enter.  It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. Register for a FREE MusicWiz.club account Register
  2. Make sure your profile is complete: Quick Start
  3. Begin your entry:  Enter Competition

In the next few weeks we will frequently update this page with the latest news about the contest.  Stay tuned, and good luck!

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