Contra Sonatra

New Yorker staff writer Adam Gopnik, who has the career I wanted and is therefore a permanent barbed presence in my psyche, mounts a concerted

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Elegy in Red and Gold

 The D.C.-area chanteuse Eva Cassidy (1963–1996) died young of cancer, so we can enjoy her work only elegiacally and with the kind of autumnal wistfulness

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Fei-fei Ross has been a vital part of the Harmonia composition studio for many years.  We’ve watched her grow and develop as a pianist, a

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The motte and site of Fotheringhay Castle seen from across the River Nene I’ve been working through the four discs of The Collected Fotheringay, which

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The first film score of independent artistic merit and dominant coloration of the dramatic action was not Duke Ellington’s famous score to Otto Preminger’s Anatomy

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