Messiaen’s Huit Préludes

Messiaen’s Huit Préludes Messiaen’s Eight Preludes are wonderful studies in sound and color. These notes from Prof. Michal Bristiger are invaluable windows into studying the

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mi-au myau by Vida Vega

mi’au myau – by Vida Vega Film creator Vida Vega takes a highly creative and fun-filled look at multilingualism in Europe in this one-minute award-winning

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Mike Tauben – Saudade

MIKE TAUBEN – SAUDADE: The requirements of the competition were very clear.  The page posted in January 2014 began with a description that might appeal

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Modal Listening Practice

MODAL LISTENING PRACTICE: The picture above demonstrates an interesting grouping of the modes.  We can progress from one mode to another in the order shown

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Music for Airports

Music for Airports For several years I’ve been teaching film and science-fiction and feeling vaguely guilty about abandoning “real” literature. I realize that my standard

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Ordinary Road

This week, the biggest news of music in China is the song Ordinary Road. Ordinary Road is a movie song of Continent. It is special

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