The Land-Fillharmonic of Cateura, Paraguay


Here’s an amazing story of one community’s answer to some of today’s challenges.  The people in this little town are creating instruments and an orchestra from a landfill!   The village of Cateura, Paraguay is a slum that was built on a landfill.  In spite of this unpromising beginning, the children on Cateura are playing in an orchestra on instruments built from trash.

You’ll be moved and inspired by this documentary, and you’ll be amazed at the quality of the music!

This segment of 60 Minutes is entitled “The Recyclers: From trash comes triumph” and presents a complete picture of the LandFillHarmonic, their town, the children, their maestro and instrument creator.  The story is inspiring, astounding and heart-warming.  Those of us who take our instruments and our daily access to superb music for granted will look at our musical lives with new eyes after visiting this community in Paraguay.


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